MLF Commitment


Aim: Assist the government to gather epidemiological trends of common liver diseases which may reduce morbidity and mortality from these diseases in the country.

  • National viral hepatitis registry
  • Natural history of viral hepatitis in Malaysia


Hepatitis Education Campaign

Aim: To educate Malaysian Public about symptoms and treatment options for viral Hepatitis.

  • Public seminars with blood testing for Hepatitis A, B, C
  • Helpline for Hepatitis sufferers
  • Vaccination programme for target groups


Training Medical Doctors

  • Seminars and information highway for constant upgrading of knowledge in screening, diagnosis and treatment of Hepatitis and liver diseases


Vaccination Programmes

Aim: To conduct Hepatitis B vaccination progammes at various target groups once funds are available. To complement the efforts by the Government which now provides Hepatitis B vaccination for all newborns.

  • National viral hepatitis registry
  • Natural history of viral hepatitis in Malaysia


Liver News

Aim: To supply liver news in the form of a newsletter which will be produced 3-4 times a year.

  • Include activities of the MLF, current topics, recent advances in treatment of liver diseases, research in progress, update on membership and donations, letters to the Editor from members and many more.


Liver Club

Aim: A forum for doctors to keep abreast of the latest discussions and viewpoints regarding liver disease.

  • Information accrued at international liver meetings will be presented
  • Report progress on research in liver disease
  • To be held twice a year


Information Leaflets

Aim: To publish several leaflets on common liver diseases in this country.

  • Explain symptoms, tests used, treatment, side effect of drugs used and various self-help measures for patients.


Helplines for Sufferers of Hepatitis

Aim: To be introduced in due course. To offer free information service to callers by employing qualified personnel to either answer their queries by phones or direct them to our expert panel if necessary.


Information Highway

Aim: A homepage for MLF is being planned to provide current information on various aspects of liver disease especially Hepatitis.