MLF’s Charity Go-Kart Adventure 06

Approximately, 2.5 million Malaysians are infected with chronic Hepatitis. As Hepatitis is largely asymptomatic, most of those affected with this disease are unaware that they have contracted the disease until they are informed, too late that they are suffering from complications of this dreadful disease. Some 25% of these unsuspecting individuals are at risk of serious infections and eventual death from cirrhosis and liver cancer.


The Malaysian Liver Foundation (MLF) registered in April 1996, is the only non-profit organisation in Malaysia dedicated to increasing public awareness of liver diseases and improving the quality of treatment and research in liver diseases.  In view of the MLF’s plan to strategise the objective of procuring our own building and for future expansion, the Foundation has decided to launch a MLF CHARITY GO-KART ADVENTURE '06 with the theme LET'S VROOM FOR A HEALTHY LIVER, as part of MLF’s fund raising activities in 2006.


An adrenaline-pumping motor sport like go-kart is fast, furious, dynamic and zesty, rather like the traits MLF employs since its inception a decade ago to disseminate information on liver diseases. MLF CHARITY GO-KART ADVENTURE '06 is one of our many endeavours to get closer to the public in a fun and casual way. While you have fun, and contributing towards a good cause with friends, colleagues, families or even total strangers, you will also stand a chance of winning fantastic prizes. This would be an exciting weekend for everyone, as even children, as young as 8 years old can have a go.


Besides the fun, go-kart is also a stepping-stone for aspiring racing drivers. The World's top racing drivers all started their careers in go-kart initially. Who knows maybe among the young ones, there is a future champion. Event starts at 9.00am until 5.00pm.



Open / Ladies

Team (Endurance)


All participants will receive complimentary t-shirt, cap and other goodies. Breakfast and lunch will be provided at the track for participants only. Ready-to-race go-karts and helmets will be provided. Trophies, garlands and exciting prizes await the top 3 winners.


  1. For companies wishing to sponsor this event please contact Malaysian Liver Foundation 03-2300 3455 (Mon – Fri)
  2. For those wishing to participate please download the entry form and return it to Malaysian Liver Foundation with the entry fee
  3. For more details please contact:
    Sam 019-248 9210 / 016-211 2034
    Yati 012-225 7290


Download the Team entry form

Download the Open / Ladies entry form


*A counter will be set-up at City Karting on Saturday, 5th. Aug. '06 from 3pm to 5pm to collect entries and fees. Preffered mode of payment is by cheque made out to YAYASAN HEPAR MALAYSIA. Cash is also accepted and official receipt will be issued. For those who cannot make it, please call SAM at 019-248 9210 or 016-211 2034 for other arrangements.

Entry fee


RM650.00 (4 drivers)