Message from the CEO
Y.Bhg Prof. Dato’ Dr. Nor Shahidah Khairullah, CEO

Welcome to our website


We would like to share with you, who we are, our journey since April 1996, what we have achieved thus far and what are our aspirations in creating awareness among the Rakyat, on the importance of taking care of your Liver, what and how to prevent diseases that can compromise its function and ways you as an individual can take to have a happy, healthy life by ensuring the health of the largest internal organ in your body… All through the pages of this site.


We are a non profit, charitable organization and our source of income comes from public donations. Through the kindness and support of many individuals, we are able to fund our activities to support our objectives. These activities range from awareness campaigns through our “Hepatitis Days” where we conduct public forums, give away our issues of ‘Liver News”, subsidize testing and vaccination for the rakyat and corporate bodies, accord free vaccinations and blood testing for the less fortunate in orphanages and shelter homes, carry out continuous education for medical professionals through publications, series of lectures, monothematic seminars as well as a biennial international conferences.


We also conduct high end testing in our molecular research laboratory to assist clinical  specialists to diagnose, treat and manage liver diseases. At the same time, we conduct research and clinical trials to assess the latest therapies that are available to treat and prevent liver diseases specifically for chronic hepatitis B and chronic hepatitis C as well as to provide epidemiological data to public organisations like the Ministry of Health .


We are in partnership with pharmaceutical companies offering special treatments for end stage liver and colorectal cancer as well as preventive therapies and treatment for fatty liver.


Our site has categories of interest for everyone, the rakyat as well as clinical specialists.  Please browse through our pages and if you come across an opportunity to be a part of our  vision by either becoming a member and friend of the Foundation or through the purchase of our publications and merchandise, we welcome you and look forward to your contribution which will go a long way in assisting us to further our mission .


Best wishes and Li’ver a good life


Thank you






YBhg. Prof. Dato’ Dr. Nor Shahidah Khairullah DPMP, JMN MBBS, MSc, FRCPath