7th Liver Update

The 7th Liver Update, held at the Sunway Resort & Spa from 12 –15 July 2007 is a series of biennial international scientific meetings jointly organised by the Ministry of Health, Malaysia and the Malaysian Liver Foundation. The objective of this gathering was to update specialists, medical officers and allied health professionals on current diagnostic tools and therapeutic strategies including best management practices pertaining to hepatobiliary diseases.


Besides the regular format that was successful formulated over the years, the 7th Liver Update provided more interactive sessions in the form of 2 case studies, besides 7 plenaries, 1 debate, 5 symposia including 1 symposium for primary care physicians, and case scenarios. There were 3 lunch symposia sponsored individually by Bristol-Myers Squibb, Roche Pharmaceuticals and GlaxoSmithKline, in addition to a dinner symposium entitled “Chronic Hepatitis B – Optimising Treatment Outcome & the Role of telbivudine (Sebivo)” sponsored by Novartis Corporation. There were a total of 28 trade exhibition booths, which displayed a wide range of pharmaceutical products and services, besides MLF’s booth.


Topics that were highlighted in the Conference included the prevention and treatment of chronic Hepatitis B and C, Cholangiocarcinoma, Evidence-based Management of Hepatic Encephalopathy, Emerging Technologies in Clinical Hepatology and HBV Virology. A special session for primary care physicians was conducted on the final day, addressing issues such as HBV vaccination, fatty liver and discussions on case scenarios.


The Committee hoped to provide delegates with the knowledge, resources and skills to drive the practice of medicine, especially hepatobiliary disorders to the next level, via our well-rounded and invigorating scientific programme that had been carefully put together to help the medical practitioners gain new insights into some of the very pressing and real life issues in the management of hepatitis diseases.


A number of world-renowned liver experts, comprising Dr. Nancy Leung, Prof. Masao Omata, and Prof. Russell Strong, and many others, including local liver experts were invited to share with us their knowledge and expertise. The delegates were kept informed of viewpoints regarding controversies and challenges in the management of complex hepatobiliary disorders.


Dr Nancy Leung, Consultant Physician & Adjunct Associate Professor of the Chinese University of Hong Kong was the recipient of 5th MLF Lecture Award. She delivered the 5th MLF Lecture entitled “The Changing Landscape in HBV Management”.


The Minister of Health Malaysia, Y.B. Datuk Seri Dr Chua Soi Lek officiated the Opening Ceremony of the 7th Liver Update on 12 July 2007, as well as launching the five Clinical Practice Guidelines, namely Management of Chronic Hepatitis B, Management of Chronic Hepatitis C, Needle Stick or Sharp Injuries Among Healthcare Workers, Antenatal Screening of Pregnant Mothers and Liver Transplantation.


The Malaysian Liver Foundation would like to record heartfelt appreciation to generous sponsors, especially the pharmaceutical sector for their enthusiastic support, and donors for their contributions towards the setting up of trade exhibition booths, foreign speakers, lunch symposia, a dinner symposium, conference facilities, delegates and the souvenir programmes. The MLF netted a surplus income over expenditure amounting to RM87,761.94. The number of participants who attended the Meeting was 312.